4 Decorating Questions We Sometimes Forget

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most of us decorate our home without a plan. We’ve always wanted that couch, this chair’s from our first apartment, we inherited that lamp from our grandmother. Then we put them all together and wonder why the room looks great but it doesn’t feel right. It looks like it’s supposed to, people tell us that it’s beautiful but we’ve used it like maybe…twice? Unlike clothing, which we can change to suit our moods, our decor’s more fixed. Here are some questions to ask yourself so that your home supports your different sides and your different needs…

  • How much time will be spent in this room? A room that’s only used for brief periods of time — a staircase, a formal dining room, a hallway — can be more dramatic and stimulating than one that’s used for longer periods. These rooms are the perfect place for the wild wallpaper, the dramatic painting, the clashing combination of colours you might love but are wondering if you can live with every day. Let your imagination run wild here.
  • Who will use this room? A hallway is the most public space in your home; a bedroom the most private. Whether a room will be for one person’s use or will accommodate the needs of two or more will make a difference in how a room is decorated. Pets and kids can both make a difference in your decorating style. As can height, handedness, gender and whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert!
  • What will it be used for? Living rooms are used for entertaining, yes, but often just as much for napping, eating, listening to music (and dancing around in your underwear), paying bills, playing games. Think about what happens in your rooms.

  • Where can you address the special concerns of this room? A dining room should be easy to clean, a bedroom easy to keep neat in so you can get a good night’s sleep, things used in a bathroom need to be water-resistant