4 Easy Tips to Reduce Screen Eyestrain

4 Easy Tips to Reduce Screen Eyestrain

Laura E. Hall
Jun 8, 2011

Eye strain is a common problem when working with computers, but it's something both preventable and treatable once it's struck. These four tips from the Unplggd archives will help you adjust your working environment, stay strain-free while working or ease the eye pain if you're suffering.

1. Get the Right Lighting

Working in an environment that doesn't put undue stress on your eyes is the first step to reducing eye strain, so try and strike a balance in your office by using lamps in combination with natural and ambient lighting.

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2. Reduce Surface Glare

Monitor glare is the number one culprit of office eye strain, so be sure to adjust your setup so no light is falling directly across the screen, whether that means adding a hood to your screen or rotating it away from a window. Also consider adding an LED strip or light puck to the back of your computer monitor, to reduce the contrast between the wall and the monitor light.

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3. Take Breaks & Use the 20-20-20 Rule

Setting a reminder to take microbreaks and following the 20-20-20 rule (every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds) will not only help you reduce eye strain, but prevent you from slipping into a work funk.

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4. Try Some Exercises

If your preventative measures haven't worked, there are some easy exercises to follow to help ease the pain and give your eyes a little stretch, so to speak. There are also some palliative measures, like hydration.

Check them out here; though if you follow the other steps, hopefully you will never need such remedies again.

(Eye rub: Flickr member Foxtongue licensed for use under Creative Commons. Eye side: Flickr member Chris_Moody licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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