4 Easy Tricks for a More Natural (Less Styled) Looking Home

4 Easy Tricks for a More Natural (Less Styled) Looking Home

Adrienne Breaux
May 1, 2015

Though the perfectly styled homes in magazines are certainly lovely to look at, when applied to real-life, going for a magazine-ready look can make for a space that feels stiff and unrealistic. Want some easy secrets that can help make any room look more natural — while still looking stylish enough for the pages of a magazine? We've got four ideas.

Use cute containers to make even everyday items look good

You want a home that looks great but is still easy to use. In which case you don't keep all of your everyday items — soap dispensers, coffee grinds, etc. — out of view so your home photographs better. Not seeing those kinds of everyday items in your home can make your space feel a little empty and unused, though. You can have the best of both worlds when you opt to replace your store-bought containers with more creative and stylish ones.

Let some fashion loose into your decor

Though we believe quite strongly in the act of putting back any unworn, tried-it-out outfits back in your closet and think your dirty clothes should make their way to the hamper as soon as possible, it doesn't always make sense — especially in very small spaces with little storage — to try to hide all of our fashion. Jewelry, accessories, outerwear and footwear can look pretty great when left displayed how you use them throughout the home. In other words, a little controlled chaos of cute jackets on hooks and a few pairs of shoes you wear often lined up along a wall will make your entryway look more lovely and lived in than a nearly empty, unrealistic (and not very useful) space.

Punctuate spaces with loose and leafy plants

Though flower arrangements are a beautiful addition to absolutely any type of interior, a few too many that are a bit too perfect can sometimes scream "photo shoot." To counter this feeling, be sure to bring in lots of loose and leafy plants — plants with vines that hang, with odd leaf arrangements that are maybe a little on the uneven side — let nature be nature and bring that type of energy into your space.

Let some work zones look like places where creativity happens

We absolutely think that cleaning up after yourself after a particularly creative-inducing work session — whether it's cooking, crafting, writing or something else — is a way to keep your sanity in check and make your house avoid looking like a war zone. Though there's some evidence that a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind, a clean work area can also be a blank space beckoning you to fill. The trick is in the balance between the two: Keep your storage solutions neat, but don't be afraid to leave out a half-worked project or let your creative tools be left on display. Let go of framing and let the borders of an inspiration pin-up area grow at its own pace.

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