4 Elements That Make a Room Enjoyable (& How To Get Them Right)

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Let’s face it: to make the most of the energy and money spent on decorating a room, you have to want to spend time in the space. Here are four important elements that can have a huge impact on the desirability of a room and how to make sure you’re getting them right.


I used to have this apartment with an eat-at bar at counter height. I rushed out and found a set of stools I loved the look of, dreaming of hosting breakfast for guests and lounging every morning to enjoy a cup of tea. But, boy they were uncomfortable. You don’t have to turn every room into a giant floor-level bed, but you should evaluate every seat in the rooms you find yourself not spending a lot of time in — they could use a comfort makeover. And don’t just consider the seat; sometimes an addition of a footrest can help make an existing seat more lounge-able.

How easy it is to get to stuff

Usability is a close second to whether or not you can lounge in a space in terms of enjoyability. How is easy it to use your space? Get to the things you want to use? Pull out chairs to sit at a table? Reach your board games? Do you have to rearrange the room when you want to watch some TV? A functionality-based makeover is something everyone should undertake from time to time to make sure it’s not a poorly-working space keeping them from enjoying their entire home.

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Whether the light hurts or helps

You’ve got to evaluate both the artificial light in a room you want to spend more time in, as well as the natural light. More natural light is usually a good thing, unless the sun is beating down on a seat and you aren’t in the mood to bake. You might want to invest in some shading options so you have more control over the sun as its position changes throughout the day.

When it comes to artificial light, you want to do everything you can to ban overhead lighting from dominating your space since it’s pretty unpleasant and often too glaring. Spreading warm light evenly through your space will create an inviting atmosphere you’ll want to stick around in.

The temperature

You’re probably already doing your best to regulate the temperature throughout your entire home, but thanks to the way your home is positioned on its lot, you just might need a little more help when it comes to getting the temperature just right. The addition of fans and small heaters are a great way to help this element get to just-right, but for the winter months don’t doubt the power of some cozy blankets on hand, as well. If the trouble is you’re trying to keep the bills down, consider implementing energy saving ideas to help keep you cooler or warmer.