4 Funky Design Ideas from a Funny Little Hostel

This morning I sat down to check out some bathroom renovation photos on Flickr. This orange wall full of circular mirrors caught my attention and I quickly discovered it to be found on the wall of a hostel in Hamburg Germany. Little did I know that this interesting idea would lead me to looking at plungers and mouse traps as organizational tools!

These ideas that were just too curious not to share — they could be improved upon and perhaps possibly even repeated more often to give a bigger impact in the space, but no matter what, they’re still a funky set of thoughts that might translate into your own space.

Check out the photos above for plungers as coat racks, mouse traps as picture frames and a cool outdoor bucket system for flowers. Would you put any of these ideas into your own home? Let us know below!

Image: Flickr member Puggles licensed for use by Creative Commons