4 Components to a Perfect Living Room Theater

4 Components to a Perfect Living Room Theater

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 19, 2011

There's plenty of choices when it comes to building up your first home theater system, but to pull it off eloquenty... well, that's another story. There's so many things to consider, from the type of wiring for the speakers to choosing between a projector vs. HDTV, it can easily become an overwhelming experience. Luckily for you, we've got four tips that you just can't go wrong with.


1. Building a Focal Point: Whether it's having an extra large console or a wallpapered media wall, building a strong focal point for the screen anchors and blends the technology with the rest of the home. So, when anyone asks about why you have so much tech in your home, you can easily argue, "Hey, it's part of the decor."

2. Plenty of Seating: This should be a no-brainer, but we've seen so many homes that tend of neglect that fact that the best home theaters out there has plenty of comfortable seating for guests - all within the TV or screen's optimal viewing angle .

3. Hide the Equipment: Even though individual tech pieces may be fun to look at, the reality is no one wants to see your Comcast DVR or Boxee Box cluttering up the area around your TV. There's plenty of solutions out there that'll allow you to hide components without having them overheat. Just get creative!

4. Plenty of Space Between the Screen and Viewers: While we all know how awesome it is to have that 'immersion' factor in the home theater experience, that doesn't mean stick your entire family a couple feet from the TV. Leave some breathing room.

Got a tip for share? We'd love to hear it!

(Images: Desire to Inpsire and Jimmy Schönning's Stylish Living Room)

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