4 New Indoor Ways To Grow a Garden

4 New Indoor Ways To Grow a Garden

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 31, 2010

Indoor growing is always a hot topic. It's somehow easier to think it scary, or difficult when you don't have the reassurance of a full sun backyard with a chance of rain. Over the past week we've seen 4 new indoor gardening idea that have really caught our attention and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to weigh in on them.

Check out each planter below and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. We'd personally like an Urb Garden, but who are we to decide! Let's hear your thoughts!

Urb Garden: Designed by Xavier Calluaud, this vertical garden has removeable modular cubby holes that are large enough to grow food as opposed to smaller greenery. Plus it has a built in worm farm. Awesome. Read more (along with extra photos!) over at Inhabitat.

Breathe: This open sided planter doesn't require the use of soil or constant water like other hydroponic units. It lets it all hang out, making your plants as pretty as can be, though we can't promise your cat won't take to a root-ful snack. Check out all the details over at Home and Gardening Info.

Growing Jewelry: Though we're not usually ones to feature jewelry, we just couldn't resist with these planters on the go. They're not only well crafted rings, but they contain living plants. Would it be easier to remember to keep them watered if they were always on you? More at Hafsteinn Juliusson.

OSUSOWAKE Planting System: This planter has a few cool things going for it. For starters, it comes in detachable pieces. Need a little green in the bedroom? Just split a piece off! The other is the lightweight material it uses for "soil" called Puffcal. Details are over at Inhabitat.

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