Flooring Fix: 4 of the Biggest Rug Mistakes to Avoid

Flooring Fix: 4 of the Biggest Rug Mistakes to Avoid

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 15, 2015

Rugs can be a major factor in your home looking stylish and rad. So how do you make sure you're using them their most effectively? We've got four common rug issues that often show up in interiors — consider keeping away from making these mistakes when decorating with rugs around the house.

Not matching the material to the room’s function

We 100% believe that rugs go great with every room. But — you can make life run a little more smoothly by marrying a room's function with an optimal rug type. What we mean to say is, a Flokati rug might look nice in a dining room, but it might not be the smartest choice for cleaning after a dinner party (or a night feeding the kids). So choose low pile rugs when you need to run chairs over it. Consider easy-to-clean materials in kitchens and high-traffic areas. Maybe not use a natural fiber rug as a bathmat.

Going too small

Nothing is quite as worse as a too-dinky rug making the whole room look out of proportion. There's no hard-fast rule when it comes to knowing what size to choose a rug (it depends on the size and shape of your room and the furniture configuration), but if it's going in the center of the room, it should take up a large part of the floor surface. If it's going to have some furniture on top, make sure most of the furniture legs fit comfortably inside the rug's boundaries. Those under dining tables should be large enough so that it fits chairs pulled out from the table.

Being afraid to mix patterns and layer

Matchy matchy. Well, you're guaranteed to not clash if you match all the rugs in a room and your house. But you sure might put guests to sleep, too. Rugs all of the same pattern, color and material can be a bit boring, so don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. Don't be scared to overlap and layer. Mix it up just the way you might mix patterns in a room like a pro.

Not cleaning them well enough

Rugs should be vacuumed on the regular (and taken outside to be shaken out if they're manageable and mobile enough). Stains should be tackled by stain type and material. But they should also be deep-cleaned at least once a year. Lucky for you, there's an Apartment Therapy Weekend Project that talks all about deep-cleaning rugs. Cleaning your rugs regularly won't just let them last longer, they'll always look their best, meaning your rooms will always look their best (and probably smell better), too.

What do you consider to be some of the biggest rug mistakes to avoid when decorating your rooms?

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