5 Really Unusual Tablet Hacks

5 Really Unusual Tablet Hacks

Chris Perez
Dec 15, 2011

Everyone loves a good hack. It takes creativity, hard work, and a lot of determination to make something do a task it wasn't intended or designed for. Here are our favorite hacks involving those ubiquitous tablets...

1. Yelp Kegmate Kegerator
The good folks at our favorite reviews hub, Yelp, creating this super awesome iPad Kegerator. The iPad is mounted atop the keg tap handle and serves as your hostess for beer o'clock. The engineers who worked on this put a lot of time and effort to make this hack into something really amazing. The user activates the keg by sliding their work badge into the RFID card reader. The iPad then displays the information about beer, including temp and amount of your pour. Of course, a Yelp app wouldn't be complete if it didn't let you rate the beer too.

2. iPad Photobooth
Maybe you'll see something like this staged at your next wedding event or holiday party. This iPad hack steps up the been-there, done-that photo booth to another level. With an iPad as the user interface, you can now see your photos with stunning clarity, edit in-app, and send along to your friends via email. So slick!

3. Telepresence Robot
See people's reaction when you have this guy standing in line for you on Black Friday while you're helping yourself to serving number 3 of Granny's sweet potato pie. This telepresence robot from Taptic Toys can be controlled over the air, and allows for some interesting remote possibilities. Bots like these are being researched by a lot of big companies, including iRobot, and might be making their presence felt in our work life sooner than you think. Now you can show up to that meeting in New York without ever leaving your desk.

4. Remote Controlled Car
This hack controls a remote controlled car via the iPad's built-in gyroscopes. Tilt and Yaw the iPad and the wheels on the car follow suit. We're thinking it'd be pretty sweet if they mounted a surveillance camera to it. Then you could roam the car around and check on your house or pets while you're away.

And finally, last but not least...

5. Remote Christmas Tree Lighting (by none other than the Pope himself)
That's right. This Christmas the Pope himself has stepped up his tech game by lighting the biggest Christmas "Tree" in the world last Wednesday. An array of lights spanning 2,132 feet along the side of a Mount Ingino made up the "tree" and was switched on over 130 miles away from the touch of an Android Tablet. Add another item to the list of all the things Droid Does.

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