4 Places In Your Home to Pause (& Improve) Each Day

4 Places In Your Home to Pause (& Improve) Each Day

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 20, 2014

Wondering how to fit into your busy life some of that mindfulness we're always talking about? Or how you can fit more time to quickly improve your life at home in super small but powerful ways? You can start in your home today by strategically pausing for a few moments in spots and considering small actions that could impact your day more positively.

Pause: Right after you wake up.
Improve: After you've turned off the alarm (careful, don't go back to sleep!), sit up and stare out at what you see. If it isn't already, consider making the first sight in front of you a meaningful and lovely one. Perhaps a favorite piece of art positioned right in front of your bed? Then challenge yourself to think about three things you're grateful for about your home or your life while you make your bed and make your bedroom the kind of place you'd like to come home to.

Pause: Right as you have your hand on the doorknob to leave for work or the day.
Improve: What can you do in three to five minutes that will make you happier when you get back home later? Pick up the shirts you didn't wear and put them back in your closet? Wash that last dish in the sink? Turn out the lights and close the curtains for energy efficiency? Throw the throw pillows back on the couch? If you're not late, spending a few last minutes doing some straightening up could have a big impact on how you perceive your space when you get back home.

Pause: A few steps before your home's door from the outside, right after work or back from running errands.
Improve: What do you see? Is it a friendly sight greeting you? Is it welcoming to others? Is it welcoming to you, most of all? You might want to reconsider if it's not. Even just quick curb appeal efforts like a good sweep, a new welcome mat, a seasonal wreath and a few plants can improve the look of your home, cheering you every evening as you return from work and greeting guests that come to visit.

Pause: Right before you crawl into bed.
Improve: Keep a notepad by your bedside to write down the random thoughts swirling around your mind. Once it leaves your pen or pencil, don't think about it anymore that night. If you're feeling ambitious, jot down a few things that happened that day that you're glad for. Slip into your sheets with an empty mind so you can have a better's nights rest and start it all over again the next day!

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