4 “Starter Apartment” Ideas You Should Always Keep in Your Back Pocket

published Jul 12, 2015
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You sure didn’t want to stay in your starter apartment forever, but your early days of living lean did have some great lessons. Don’t forget about these ideas once you can afford to move on up.

Hang stuff that’s not art

(Image credit: Patrick’s Rural Agrarian Roots)

Sure, now you can afford to buy what you like in the art department, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still mix it up on your walls. We always love an unconventional showpiece! It shows you have more than cash, you have style!

Repurpose your possessions

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If you need a specific thing — say, a bedside table — why not look around your home for something that fits the bill? It’s good for your wallet but it’s also good for your street cred. You know how to make it work no matter what and that always looks good.


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Maybe you used to customize in order to make more out of your small space, but even if have you have space to spare, don’t discount the power of making (or commissioning) furniture or decor for a specific place or purpose. Why endlessly shop around for what you want when you could put a little work in up front and get exactly what you need.

Clear clutter

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Just because you have more space to fill (and money to burn), doesn’t mean you need to buy more, more and more until your home is crammed. You’re past the “mattress on the floor” form of forced minimalism, but be mindful as you move up in the world and only bring things into your home that you truly love.