4 Steps for a Successful Closet Cleanse: S.H.E.D.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A parable: A wanderer on a lonely road came upon a torrential river that had washed out the bridge. So he built a solid and heavy raft, which carried him safely across to the other bank. “This is a good raft,” he thought. “If there’s another river ahead, I can use it.” And he carried it for the rest of his life. I just read an article in which an organizing expert uses that story to explain the clutter so many of us hang onto…

…and I could relate. I’ve certainly been known to try and jam a few “rafts” into my closets and cupboards.

The organizer, Julie Morgenstern, wrote a piece for House Beautiful which outlines her 4 step strategy for clearing that clutter – SHED.

And here is what it means:

  • SEPARATE the treasures — identify the gems that are worth hanging on to.
  • HEAVE the trash — eliminate what’s weighing you down.
  • EMBRACE your identity — connect to who you are without all your stuff.
  • DRIVE yourself forward — explore the direction that connects to your genuine self.

    Maybe it’s a bit new age-y in its language, but the general idea is good – breaking down the job into thoughtful steps makes it easier and less emotional. Thinking about what you really need and what truly represents you as you are now (instead of who you were in the past or who you may be in the future) is key to clearing out and moving on.

    Check out the whole article here for more of Julie’s tips and thoughts on getting things in order.

    Via: House Beautiful

    Photo: Dedicated Shoe Storage from the May 2008 Living etc

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