4 Tech Preparation Tips When Hosting Overnight Guests

4 Tech Preparation Tips When Hosting Overnight Guests

Anthony Nguyen
May 12, 2011

051211_guests.jpgWhile Spring does have a few weeks remaining, we're already thinking about Summer plans (and all the guests we'll have to accomodate in our tiny city homes). If you plan on accommodating, consider these 4 tips to ensure your traveling guests have the most comfortable experience ever.

051211_guests2.gifWE RECOMMEND:

1. Preparing the Power: Chances are, your guests will be coming with their arsenal of travel entertainment devices, so make sure you provide enough areas for them to juice up. We like putting a few Power Squids out there, just because they look kinda cool and allow for easy plugging/unplugging.

2. Password Protecting Yourself: We're sure most of your guests will refrain from invading your digital privacy, but not the same can be said with the kids. If you have sensitive material on your computer (we're talking taxes, important documents here, folks... in case your mind started wandering...), it's best to throw a simple password on there to keep accidental strokes from causing a major headache later on.

3. Keeping It Bright: The most comfortable guest rooms are ones that are sunny and bright. While the sun part really depends on where you live, you can at least provide ample lighting so guests who are unfamiliar with your space can navigate the foreign room and easily situate themselves.

4. Minding the Temperature: If it is winter and you have guests over, you may be inclined to lower the thermostat a few degrees since it can heat up quickly. But since it's summer that we're talking here, we recommend running the air conditioner until you are a little cold before guests arrive to ensure they stay cool after the place is packed.

(Images: Yellow Brick Home)

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