So, Your Current Home Isn’t Your “Dream” Home?

updated Jul 17, 2020
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So the place you’re living in currently isn’t the “dream” home you fantasize about from time to time. But that’s okay. Even if you aren’t living in your ideal dream home right now, there are still plenty of reasons to love where you live now (and plenty of things to do to make yourself love it if you don’t quite yet). So what are the four most important things to remember when your current home isn’t your dream home? Read on.

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1. There’s still plenty you can do anyway

You can fake the feel of dream objects or architectural elements. You can focus on traffic flow and furniture plans. You can add color and pattern even if you can’t paint. You can indulge in little luxuries. You can forget that it’s not your forever home and take the time and energy to transform it into something you want. You can cultivate gratitude!

2. You can invest in things for your current home that you can take with you

You might not have the bones of the home you dream of, but you can start building your dream home piece by piece so when you finally find the right place or architecture, you’re already more than halfway there! Focus your energy and money investing on furniture and art you can take with you when you move. But you can also take intangible things with you like good habits — like finding a cleaning schedule that works for you and great morning and nighttime routines.

3. You can fill it with friends and family even if it’s not perfect

You probably could have guessed this one was coming, but it’s true. Chances are that your fantasies of a dream home also come with fantasies of the kind of events/parties/laughter/playing that will happen in that future dream home. Cultivate those moments now — don’t wait until you have the “perfect” setting.

4. Home doesn’t haven’t to end at the front door

Even if your home doesn’t have all the design features you want, and isn’t set in the woods in the mountains, doesn’t mean it’s not surrounded by a vibrant or interesting community just waiting to be discovered by you.