4 Unexpected Elements That Affect the Mood of Your Rooms

4 Unexpected Elements That Affect the Mood of Your Rooms

Adrienne Breaux
May 3, 2015

Trying to really go for a certain atmosphere in a room? Hit a certain mood in a space? Want your home to feel a very specific way so you and your guests are the most comfortable? Whether you're going for traditional and formal or casual and bohemian, there might be elements in your space fighting against your look without you realizing it. Consider these four spots in your home to see if it's matching the mood you're going for (or whether some of your elements are unintentionally fighting the look you want).

Gallery wall art collage spacing

You probably know that gallery art wall collages placed on a grid will give off a more formal look than a randomly hung selection of art, but did you know how far apart you space your art will have an affect on the feel of your collage (and possibly the room it hangs in)? Very tightly hung frames and canvases won't have a lot of negative space for the eyes to rest on and will come off busy, energetic and intense. Lots of space between your individual pieces of art will give off a more relaxed, slower paced feel. Adjust to your desired room accordingly.

Seating height

Seats that strike at a normal chair and sofa height will go with any mood you're trying to strike in a space, but heights that differ from the norm — those very high and those very low (or floor level) will have different feels. High seating will feel formal and sometimes a little stiff. Low seating and floor pillows will come off super casual.

The way you display your throw pillows

If you want a cool, casual, nothing-bothers-me attitude pouring off of your living room or bedroom, you might not want to have a perfectly lined-up, karate-chop topped set of throw pillows. And if you want a formal, traditional look, you might avoid a set of pillows casually tossed.

The shapes and leafy-ness of your plants

Though green plants go with absolutely any style of decor, the kind of plant you pick could fight against or work with the vibe you're trying to pull off in a room. Stark, architectural plants with straight lines and rigid outlines will give off minimal, formal vibes, while big, uneven, leafy plants will give off a bohemian look.

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