A New Lease on Life for Your Dead Computer

A New Lease on Life for Your Dead Computer

Joel Pirela
Oct 10, 2011

Once your ailing computer finally bites the dust, it can often be cheaper to upgrade to a newer model rather than try to resuscitate a machine more than 5 years old. Adding more RAM, hard drive and upgrade the internals is always recommended to make your trusty machine last as long as possible, but sometimes you a reach a point when the upgrades provide diminishing returns in performance. So what to do with your old machine once the shiny new setup arrives?

Hamster Studio Display
Designers Bjorn Yeo and Jo Chua took a clear, pear-shaped Apple Studio CRT Display, gutted all the electronic crap inside and turned it into an awesome looking home for their furry pets.

G4 Cube Kleenex Dispenser
The Apple G4 Cube was a good exercise of hardware design. It was a $2500 computer that it can be converted into a Kleenex dispenser box for the Mac aficionado.

iMac Lamp
A crazy looking lamp with an articulated arm is created from a G4 iMac. The base is actually the shade. If you have $125 laying around, you can buy it or you can crete your own if you have a dead iMac.

A clock created from an old Apple iBook cover? Genius! Adding an Apple mouse as a pendulum bob? Superb!! You can do one yourself pretty easy by buying the clock mechanism for $6 at your craft store and simply drilling a hole in the middle of the cover. If you want the working pendulum, you are better buying this piece for $69.

Other cool projects:

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