4 Ways a Camera Can Make Life Around Your House Easier

4 Ways a Camera Can Make Life Around Your House Easier

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 25, 2014
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Whether you shoot with your smart phone or have a handy DSLR, your camera can be for more than just capturing your life's most precious (or Instagram-worthy) moments. You can easily (and quickly) use your camera to tackle a couple of home to-dos to make your life just a little bit better (and run a little smoother) in the future.

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1. Take photos for future-errand convenience
It's about having everything you need — or might need in the future —at your fingertips so you never have to struggle with the hassle of searching for information you need. There are ten snapshots to consider keeping in your phone that won't be the kind of gorgeous shot you want to Instagram, but will contain the important info you might need. Believe us, do this today and you'll feel like one of the most organized people ever. Really customize this idea for what you need — snap photos of color swatches, measurements of furniture you're searching for or fabric you want to coordinate with future art purchases.

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2. Take photos of your valuables for insurance purposes
We've explained the benefits of making sure your homeowner's and renter's insurance is up-to-date and adequate. If you still haven't taken photos of your valuables for insurance purposes, you might consider it! It's not a necessity, but could definitely make the recovery process much smoother if anything unfortunate did happen.

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3. Take some photos of your home's exterior
If your spring foliage is blooming wonderfully right now, you might consider snapping some photos of the exterior of your house looking extra cheery. Why? In case you ever need to sell your home during months when the foliage isn't as beautiful looking. It's a long shot, but as this post explains, you never really know what the future holds for you.

4. Snap photos of your rooms to get an objective view of what you can subtract
Living in the same spaces each day can skew how you actually see them —and you might not realize how cluttered they look. But snapping a photo and looking at your home like a guest might see it will help you see what you can subtract from a room to make it feel its best.

More camera-around-the-house tips:

Is there anything else around the house you visually document for future organizing purposes? Is there any other way you use a camera to make your home better? Share your tips and ideas in the comments below!

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