4 Ways to Abandon Your Internet Envy Once and For All

4 Ways to Abandon Your Internet Envy Once and For All

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 18, 2015

The internet is an inspirational place — no one knows that more than we do since it's our job to find the most beautiful pictures to show you — but when admiration starts creeping toward inklings of jealousy, it's not fun anymore. Here's now to rein in that envy and turn it back into positivity.

Get grateful

It's all relative. You might not have the house you covet, but there is someone somewhere who is coveting YOUR house right now. We all want to improve our lot, but staying rooted in gratitude for what we have now and staying grateful for each step up we're able to make, means it will feel satisfying —not empty —when we improve.

Keep repeating: it's ALL styled

Adrienne (you might know her) complimented a photo of my bookshelf the other day and I laughingly explained to her that the only reason it looked so good was because I'd spend 20 minutes styling it before I snapped the supposedly spur-of-the-moment pic. It's the filter-happy world we live in now: everything you see online has been cleaned up, styled, designed or photoshopped. It's the very best version of what it is. Real life can never compete with those standards.

Notice something that YOU do better

Even a beautiful photo has something that you probably wouldn't choose for yourself. For example, whenever I get a little green over a perfect Scandinavian kitchen, I always think, "Those white floors are gorgeous, but they must be murder to keep them clean." Then my jealously goes away and I can appreciate them for just being pretty. See? I like them in theory, but I know it's better for me to have my dark wood to hide dog hair. My way works too.

Use inspirational pictures to help you, not hurt you

When you do come across something amazing that speaks to you, rather than lolling around with jealousy and feeling less than, try to channel those feelings into really pinpointing your taste and figuring out exactly why you're drawn to what you are. Use the photos to teach you about yourself. When you can get really comfy with what you love, it's much easier (and less risky) to invest in furniture and decor to help you get that vibe in your own space.

How do you quiet your green-eyed monster when surfing the web?

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