Love the Person But Hate Sleeping Next to Them? 4 Fixes To Try Before Moving to Another Room

Love the Person But Hate Sleeping Next to Them? 4 Fixes To Try Before Moving to Another Room

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 17, 2015

Do you love everything about your partner other than sleeping next to him or her? You're not alone! So many couples have trouble sleeping in the same bed. Here are four common sleep problems and real solutions to them that you can implement tonight. Sleep happier so you can wake happier.

Problem: One steals the covers. the other is always too hot.

Try: Double comforters! This is a common European practice but hasn't caught on in the US quite yet. We don't know why because letting each bed occupant get his or her own set of covers is such a great way to nip arguments in the bud. Each person also gets to decide the warmth of their individual cover, so temperature arguments are also moot.

Problem: They thrash around all night.

Try: Short of vacating to another room entirely, you may need a bed upgrade to solve this one. You could go all Lucy-and-Desi and each get your own bed —and remember, twin beds don't have to look childish. Check out this beautiful example that combines two twins with one headboard. Or, try upgrading to a wider king or even California king so you'll each have plenty of real estate to stretch out.

Problem: One of you wants to watch TV in bed and the other wants to sleep.

Try: Headphones. Wireless headphones have come a long way and can solve the noise factor of nighttime TV. Add a mask to block the flickering light and she should be able to drift off just fine while he catches up on his shows.

Problem: They get up (and get dressed) too early!

Try: Keeping clothes in another room. If one person needs to get up and out without waking the other, taking over a guest room closet or laying out an outfit ahead of time (to lessen the noisy rummaging) can significantly decrease the disturbance. It's a small price to pay for a happy and rested partner.

How else do you reconcile your love of your partner with your hatred of how he or she sleeps? Tell us!

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