4 Ways to Get Yourself to Do Something Around the House You Don't Want to Do

4 Ways to Get Yourself to Do Something Around the House You Don't Want to Do

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 1, 2014

Hey it could be finally organizing your closet. Starting the unenviable task of tearing down the Halloween decor you went overboard on this year. Maybe it's taking on that list of DIY home repairs you've been putting off for weeks. Whatever it is around the house you are soooo not in the mood to do this weekend, here are four tips that might trick you into doing them anyway.

Do it first thing in the morning
Like, do whatever it is that you need to get done as soon as you roll out of bed. Before you even really realize what you're doing. I do this with a particularly tall stack of dishes that I've been leaving off my to-do list for days. I just wake up, and before I have the time or mental capacity to come up with a long list of reasons to put it off, I just roll up my sleeves and do it. This trick might not apply for everything, but if it's something you can do as soon as you wake up, do it.

Let others figure out the best way to do something
It's not unusual to not want to do something because you don't really know how to do it. Or you think it'll take you a long, hard time. So do as much research as possible before you tackle the unwanted task. Watch the how-to videos on YouTube. Search for what you want to do with words like "hack" and "fastest way." Let others figure out the best way. Just like putting together IKEA furniture is a tad easier by reading the directions first, so too can even doing some research on seemingly small or simple tasks.

Get yourself excited about some aspect of it
This might require some deep diving into your stores of optimism. Could you burn some calories while doing a cleaning task? Get to listen to your backlog of podcasts while you organize your closet? Try to find the silver lining to whatever it is you've got to do.

Remind yourself why it needs to be done

You've got to focus on the end game if you have to do something you don't particularly feel like doing. Will you get a clean closet that makes getting ready in the morning the next week easier? An empty sink? A house full of fully functioning elements after being repaired? Create that end result image in your mind and hold on to it, before during and after you do that unwanted task.

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