4 Ways to Phase Out the Microwave

4 Ways to Phase Out the Microwave

Amber Byfield
Mar 29, 2010

Soon, we'll be moving to a house with a tiny galley-style kitchen, and as avid home cooks, we're trying to wrap our brains around the small space. There's no room for a dishwasher or microwave, both appliances we currently employ. Here's how we're planning on phasing out one ubiquitous kitchen appliance for a simpler, clutter-free kitchen.

Our philosophy? We're already a little wary of microwaving food, but the main green living tenet we're applying here is "buy less stuff." And maybe we'll save a little energy in the process (but the jury's still out on that one).

1. Eliminate frozen dinners, or buy ones that can be prepared in the oven. This one seems easy to us—we've never enjoyed those packaged dinners much, but we also recognize the convenience of a frozen lasagna. This one's just a task in shopping differently.

2. Store leftovers in oven-safe glass containers. Most of what we use the micro for revolves around reheating. We're already converting all our plastic containers to glass; why not pay close attention and make sure the glass we're using is oven-safe, too? Some leftovers can be reheated quickly in a saucepan, and others just take a few moments under the broiler.

3. Convert to stovetop popcorn. This is a household favorite. We've been stovetop poppers for a while now—in fact, there's one multitasker in the kitchen we really couldn't live without (the Whirly Pop). Stovetop popcorn is tastier and some say it's healthier than the microwaved stuff. To top it all off, it takes the same amount of time as microwave popcorn—a mere four minutes stovetop.

4. Heat water and melt butter on the stove. Sure, it takes a little longer, but that's a small price to pay for not necessitating another appliance in the kitchen.

What do you think? Do you make do without a microwave? And if you can't, what is it that you don't think you could give up? Let us know, because we could sure use the advice!

(Image: sxc.hu user djeyewater.)

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