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$400/Month Gets You a Pod in San Francisco

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Peter Berkowitz)

You know rent is too damn high when even closets are out of range. Illustrator Pete Berkowitz built a pod in his friends’ living room, and is paying $400 a month to live in it.

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(Image credit: Peter Berkowitz)

The pod, which cost $1,300 to construct, has a sliding door and a curtain, along with a light and a fold down desk.

Berkowitz, while admitting that living in a pod is silly, says it’s quite cozy. And since San Francisco’s rental market isn’t getting any better, it could actually be a fine temporary housing solution. He explains:

Many people have apartments with the space/ capacity to house another person but choose not to because there isn’t an attractive way to do so. Temporary partitions offer poor privacy, especially in terms of sound. They also tend to ruin whatever room they’re in – you’re less likely to use your living room if it doubles as a bedroom.

Would you (could you) live in a pod?