#45 - Mikhail's Sunny Sanctuary

#45 - Mikhail's Sunny Sanctuary

Oct 26, 2006

Name: Mikhail White
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Type: 1953 Ranch House = Owned

Why I use color:

For over ten years I either lived in apartments or rental houses, which allowed no painting. This created a challenge and also future inspiration. I decided when I owned a home of my own, not one wall would be white. We purchased our first home November 2005 and suddenly I was awarded 1500 square feet of canvas. A true home demands color. Whether you have a studio apartment or a mansion, your space and color choices are your chance to show off your taste and personality. I have always thought of my home as my sanctuary – a safe place I can retreat to after a stressful day. . .

. . .For this reason I tend to utilize soft earth tones to comfort me for my bedroom and living spaces. I make bolder color decisions for bathrooms where I have my morning wake up shower or in the kitchen to inspire my culinary endeavors. For our kitchen, I needed a bright color to liven up the space and bring balance and flow to the room with all the darker neutral colors. Originally it was a white room - even that seemed dark! I needed sun, so what better color than orange?

2 good color tips:

1. Bolder is not neccessarily better. Be honest with yourself - that teal looks stunning as a paint chip but after you cover all your walls with it, will you still appreciate it a few months down the line. You can fix any mistake with primer so dare to be different and have courage. Just remember that you are the one seeing your space every day, not a decorating magazine.

2. Do not fear your ceiling. They make pole attachments for paint rollers for a reason. It breaks my heart when I see a stunning room someone painted and decorated with a stark white ceiling that seems so out of place. White is not the only choice you have and you would be amazed at how dramatic even a subtle change to a buttercream is. So, you have a can of that teal paint you love but still fear painting your walls with it? Why not paint just the ceiling teal and add some teal accessories to your room for balance? Remember, your room has more than four walls.

2 good color resources:

1. The most helpful sources out there are free. Samples, samples, samples! When we first bought our home I was looking to paint nine rooms and had no clue where to start. I grabbed every paint sample I could carry. I sat down with a pad of paper, scissors and the paint samples. Tape the final choices to your wall. If you still cannot make up your mind you can order small samples of any paint color through most paint manufacturers websites for small fees. Behr has a great paint pack they send with four colors and a small roller. If you need a small accent color this may save you a lot of money rather than buying a whole gallon or quart of paint also.

2. The world around you is your best resource. I find my inspiration in nature mostly. Our kitchen came from a riverbed. The dark blue slate floor and backsplash were our base representing water. The pewter cabintry for the rocks along the riverbed and the bright orange and yellow sun. Perhaps you are inspired by a gem or your favorite dress. Maybe you adore a specific type of architecture? Surrounding yourself with things you love shows through-people can tell if a room was tossed together or given serious thought.

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