#45 - David's Precise Stripes

#45 - David's Precise Stripes

Gregory Han
Oct 30, 2006

Name: David
Location: Dallas, Texas
Type: 780-square-foot loft/Own

Why I use color: With a 12-foot-high 35-foot-long nightmare, err, wall to paint, finding the perfect colors through paint chips or magazine ads just wasn't realistic. At least for me, finding the right colors requires trial and error ­ a period of painting and living with the color ­ until I finally find the perfect fit.

I tried white. Too art gallery. Goat's blood red? Friends refused to come over. Sea foam green? Half the day it looked white, and at night grey. Boring.

How about stripes? Maybe a few different shades of brown, and then add a shock of pink enamel! 60 hours of taping and painting later, I look at that wall every day with a big grin on my face. Which is why I would do it all over again in a minute! Or at least in a year or two ...

2 Good color tips:

1. You can achieve very precise stripes using a laser level (the kind that you can temporarily attach to any surface) and painter's tape. To get near-perfect stripes, after applying the tape, run a teaspoon along the entire length, on both sides of the tape, with heavy pressure. This will prevent almost all bleeding between colors.

2. For high-contrast (and high-drama) stripes, use different paint finishes for each stripe: Include enamel, semi-gloss and matte all on one wall!

2 Good color resources:

1. I think fashion and textile designers have amazing eyes for color. Men's ties are like mini swatches for great color combination ideas.

2. Just glancing around my office, I counted 25 different shades of green! I think even amateur eyes like mine can learn a lot about color just by being more observant and noticing the color in everyday objects you surround yourself with.

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