#49 - Stephen's Joyful Color

#49 - Stephen's Joyful Color

Oct 28, 2006

Name: Stephen
Location: Seattle
Type: 2-bdrm condo, 850 sq ft, I own

Why I use color:

More than anything else I can do to my home, using color brings me joy. I have an emotional response to color and living with it in my home actually makes me feel more contented. Working with color is also an exciting and fulfilling creative endeavor. Painting is such a simple and affordable thing to do and there is no better way to make a place home. . .

. . .Color came alive for me on my first trip to Paris about 10 yrs ago. It wasn't at the Louvre, but in the housewares dept at B.H.V. (Parisians' answer to Target) that color became a passion of mine. Toasters, grills, espresso machines, plates, tablecloths - all in a wider variety of colors than I'd ever seen before. After that, I was hungry for more color in my life. Another big lesson has been not being intimidated or fearful of using color. I'm sure some people question my choices, but in the words of Tim Gunn, "It's a matter of taste."

2 good color tips:

1. Find an object you love and build your palette around it. It doesn't have to be the color that you love, it could be texture or just your emotional response. You don't have to decorate with it, use it as your starting point. Shop for colors (paint or objects) that make you feel the same way.

2. Shop different paint brands/stores. Each brand has a base that affects the colors they can create. If you don't like one brand of reds, look elsewhere. Don't hesitate to pull your palette together from multiple sources to get the combination just right.

2 good color resources:

1. VisiBone.com. This is a site primarily used for developing color schemes for websites. Use it to put together combinations to get your imagination going.

2. Goodwill – Go for the sole purpose of looking at the colors. The no-frills setting let's all the color stand out. Old clothing, discarded housewares, and used books come in colors the paint stores never put on chips. And if you find the perfect color, it's usually cheap to buy and have matched at your paint store of choice.

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