5 Amazing Technology-Inspired Cushions For Your Pad

5 Amazing Technology-Inspired Cushions For Your Pad

Range Govindan
May 18, 2010

The cushions and pillows that your mom used to have are nice, but these things are something else. Sure, it's easy to buy novelty items, however, this are anything but novelty: they are cushions and pillows that either are inspired or contain some technology.

1. Huggable Pillow
This great light is part of Diana Lin's d°Light series and it's a different way of seeing lights. As children quickly learn, it's not recommended to touch lights because of the heat they generate. Luckily, the Huggable Pillow uses LEDs, which don't generate any heat. This is a great light that you can hug and cuddle when you're feeling down.

2. Moonlight Cushion
The Moonlight Cushion is an interesting way to light up your couch. It's definitely a great way to get some diffuse LED lighting in your place. It's battery-powered and can cycle through different colors but with touch.

3. Urheart
The Urheart light is also part of Diane Lin's d°light series and was made for Valentine's, but it's safe to say that it looks cute no matter where or when you put it on your couch. It's powered by battery-power, so you can just lug it around like a teddy bear. The d°lights are available from $140 to $180 at Diane Lin's online store.

4. iCushion
This cushion wasn't made by Apple and it isn't available in the US yet, but you can get it at Korea's Early Adopter Shop. It's being sold for about $17 and it might look pretty neat in your home office, especially if you love your iPhone. [via Technabob]

5. Pillow Keyboard
It's true that combining a pillow and a keyboard makes sense. This little device uses a nice soft roll-up keyboard that's been attached to a pillow. There are many times when having a pillow underneath your keyboard is just more comfortable. This is just the next step.

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