5 Apple Products & Their Cheaper Alternatives

5 Apple Products & Their Cheaper Alternatives

Campbell Faulkner
Aug 16, 2010

Plenty of us want Apple-branded products, but there are certain products that we just cannot bring ourselves to purchase, no matter how cool we find them, whether for price and/or tech specs. We have assembled our top 5 most overpriced Apple products and a cheaper alternative. Check them out below the jump.

Apple Rechargeable Batteries vs. Sanyo Eneloop Batteries:
These are part of Apple latest release of products and they make sense because rechargeable batteries are so much better than alkalines. But, excellent rechargeable batteries can be had for cheaper like Sanyo Eneloop batteries (some sources think the Apple batteries are rebranded Eneloops). Do yourself a favor, save some cash and go for the cheaper Sanyo batteries.

Apple Rechargeable Batteries:
Price: $29.00
Sanyo Eneloop Batteries:
Price: $21.99

Time Capsule vs. Network Attached Storage Drives:
The Time Capsule is a sleek looking device, white, all in one, but massively prone to failure and uber expensive. For under the $300.00 dollars Apple charges you could build yourself a simple back up solution. We suggest using the Seagate Go Flex Home for your backup needs and whatever sophistication of router you already have. Its cheap, works well with both Macs and PC's, and wont break the bank.

Apple Time Capsule:
Price: $299.00 or $499.00
Seagate Go Flex Home:
Price: $159.00 (Amazon) - $229.00

Magic Mouse vs. Microsoft Arc Mouse:
The Magic Mouse is a handsome devil and useable to boot. We gave it high marks for its design and touch sensitive shell, but it is expensive and an anti-ergonomic nightmare if used for a long time (this writers opinion). The Microsoft Arc Mouse provides a stunningly good-looking mouse with a hand cuddling shape. We like it for its low price and ability to use it for hours on end without a hand cramp.

Apple Magic Mouse:
Price: $69.00
Microsoft Arc Mouse:
Price: $32.84

Apple In Ear Headphones vs. NuForce NE-7M:
While we are not audiophiles Apple's headphone design leaves alot to be desired and finding a solid pair of third party headphones can make a massive difference in listening quality from an i-device. We have reviewed other NuForce headphones before and found them very good. The NE-7M's are only $50.00 dollars, sound great, and retain the same inline remote functions of the Apple product.

Apple In Ear Headphones:
Price: $79.00
NuForce NE-7M:
Price: $49.00

Apple Displays vs. Dell Displays:
The Apple Tax is alive and well on their monitors. While strikingly beautiful, the price tag on a modern Cinema Display is enough to nearly kill you. Dell makes a complement of affordable monitors that look good next to any iMac or MacBook made today.

Apple LED Cinema Display:
Price: $799.00
Dell Display:
Price $249.00 (Dell.com)

An inbetween option for those of you who love Apple's Cinema Display industrial design, but want to spend a bit less, is the Collins America CinemaView 24. It's got its own tech spec compromises, but it is at first glance a near doppelgänger to Apple's model and the $500 $399 price tag is a little easier to stomach.

Bottom Line:
Apple makes wonderful products, but there are plenty of reasonable alternatives that might look just as good, work as well, but cost a fraction of the price Apple charges for their products!

[Images: Apple product photo's provided by Apple PR, Seagate GoFlex Home Image provided by Seagate PR, Sanyo Eneloop Image provided by Flickr user Sekido under Creative Commons, Microsoft Arc Mouse photo provided by Flickr user kayakaya under Creative Commons, Dell Monitor photo provided by Mecookie under Creative Commons, Apple headphone image provided by Flickr user yoppy under Creative Commons]

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