5 Arguments You Shouldn’t Worry About During Your First Week of Living Together

updated May 3, 2019
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Reality check: Moving in with somebody is a Big Deal (in capital letters, people). It’s at once both a wonderful time and a stressful time that lets you get to know one another on an intimate level you haven’t been able to really grasp before. So when you have that first big spat about empty milk cartons or how many times one should reasonably hit the snooze button, it’s not a sign that the whole thing was a terrible disaster. It’s just another reminder that you’re human.

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Because guess what? Everybody has those arguments. And while these fights might not all come up right away in your first official week of co-habitation, they will pop up eventually. So read on, study the signs and reassure yourself the next time these quarrels come up: “This is so not a Big Deal (capital letters).” With a little communication and understanding, you’ll get through it just like the millions of couples before you.

Fridge Habits

As it turns out, the amount of usable cream in the bottle of coffee creamer is completely debatable. So while you think the bottle’s empty, your partner probably disagrees–which is why they put it back in the fridge and neglected to add it to the grocery list.

Clothes and Laundry

One of you believes in purgatory, but the other just sees piles of once-worn clothes that need to be in the hamper instead of strewn on top of the bedroom chair.

Doing the Dishes

There are two types of people in this world: Pile-in-the-sink people and straight-to-the-dishwasher people. If you and your significant other are on the same side of the debate, you’re in for a long and happy life together. Otherwise, you’ll need to learn to compromise (or at least the dishwasher one will need to learn to curse under their breath at the sink-pile person in their life).

Sleep Habits

It’s the perfect recipe for a catastrophic fight: Take one late night, add one early alarm, hit the snooze button about a dozen times and let two over-tired people go at it for 15-20 minutes until one of them is late for work.

Splitting Bills

Money is always a big friction point in relationships, and if you aren’t combining finances, deciding who pays for what can cause some disagreements between the both of you. Rest assured: Everyone has those fights and you just need to communicate and find a happy meeting ground.

What fights did you have your first week moving in together?

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