5 Built-In iPhone Features You Might Not Know About - Part 2

5 Built-In iPhone Features You Might Not Know About - Part 2

Mark Grambau
Mar 12, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I shared five iPhone features that work right out of the box - no additional app required. You didn't think I'd stop there, did you? No way! Read on for more of my favorite iPhone capabilities that you're sure to love.

¿That jalapeño costs £3?
Do you find yourself typing accents a great deal? How about international currency symbols? While typing these on a Mac or PC could involve recalling cryptic keyboard shortcuts, the iPhone's software keyboard makes special characters simple. For example, to type an accented letter e, hold your finger on the e key for about a second (instead of the quickly tapping as you would during normal typing). After that extended press, a list of additional, related characters will appear above the e, including é, ê, and ë. Easy, right? This tip is great for getting ¿ out of ?, £ from $, and in web address fields, turning the usual .com into .net, .org, .edu, and more.

Shake, shake, shake!
Now that you've explored your keyboard and typed a line of absolute gibberish, try giving your iPhone a quick shake - remember to hold it tightly! This activates the shake to undo feature, which offers to erase your latest scribblings, not unlike an Etch A Sketch. Honestly, it's no different than the undo feature on any desktop text editor, but the shaking sure is a fun touch!

Let me give you my card...
You've met somebody, and whether its for friendship, business, or the hope of romance, you want to give them your information. A phone number is great, but sharing an email address, twitter handle, and mailing address isn't just forward, it's cumbersome! Tons of apps have popped up for this very scenario, but in most cases, the recipient must already have the same app.

What you may not know is that like photos and videos, contact cards can be sent as text message attachments (or in iOS 5, in iMessage). Open your Phone's contact list and find your name. Tap through to your info, then scroll to the bottom. You'll find a Share Contact button, which gives you the option to send with an email or message. This is one of my absolute favorite features, so I recommend you give it a try. Just remember that your whole contact card will send, including that embarrassing email address from high school that you can't bring yourself to close just yet.

A shortcut to the top
Here's a quick one! If you've scrolled down a long page, such as a news article or your phone contact list, you can quickly jump to the very top by tapping the iPhone's menu bar. Because there are often buttons set near the top left and right, I aim for the clock in the middle. This feature works in all built-in apps and most third-party apps.

I've been looking all over for you!
On my Mac, I'm constantly hitting Command-F to find a word or phrase on the current webpage. iOS gained a similar feature in late 2010, but it's a bit tucked away. In Safari, tap the search field at the top. Start typing the word you'd like to find within the current page - in this case, let's use "iPhone" - and you'll see search engine suggestions start to appear. Now, instead of tapping one of these selections, scroll down the list until you see the header marked On This Page. By tapping Find "iPhone", you'll be brought back to the webpage view, but with the lower navigation bar dedicated to toggling through all instances of "iPhone" on the page. Once you've found the word you're looking for, tapping Done brings Safari back to normal.

5 Built-In iPhone Features You Might Not Know About

Images: Mark Grambau

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