5 Clever & Useful Tech DIY Projects

5 Clever & Useful Tech DIY Projects

One of our favourite sources for DIY inspiration is Instructables. The clever Instructables community has set their minds to solving many a problem, and we are happy to benefit from the DIY solutions that they offer. Whether you are looking for a way to hide your wireless router or a way to "paint" on your tablet, they have the solution for you...all it takes is a little elbow grease and a bit of know-how.

5 Interesting & Useful DIY Projects:

1. iPad Paintbrush. Samuel Bernier was a new iPad user who needed a better tool to use with Sketchbook Pro. After coming up with a stylus design that worked well, he created an instructable so that others could follow his lead.

2. iPod Magic Controller Table. Instructables user XenonJohn wanted a unique and clever way to play the music on his iPod. Using Arduino skills and RFID cards, he created this very interesting control system for the device. Are you also an Ardunio ninja? Take a gander at his instructable and make your own "magic" table.

3. Laser Cut Enclosure. Wireless sensor nodes are not the prettiest addition to home decor, so Instructables user Fasaxc decided to create an enclosure that he would be happy to display on his shelf. Of course, since this project requires a laser cutter it's not exactly something you can whip up at home, unless of course you have a laser cutter, but many cities do have shops where you can access one or have your plans followed.

4. K'nex Solar Alarm Clock & Charger. Want a fun way to wake up in the morning and charge your cell phone? Take a look at this awesome project from Killer~SafeCracker which uses K'nex to make a solar powered alarm clock and charger. Nifty, eh?

5. Inexpensive Water Resistant Camera Case. Susanrm wanted a simple case that would be water resistant. After having difficulty finding a case that met all of her requirements she decided to make her own. Bonus, because she used found objects in her home, this project didn't cost her a dime!

What tech DIY project are you most proud of?

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