5 Different Ways of Brewing Espresso

5 Different Ways of Brewing Espresso

Range Govindan
Feb 1, 2011

I never used to like espresso before I lived with a Swiss Italian, who showed me the proper way to brew a cup of espresso. We didn't have any fancy machines, but the end result was really good. Sure, it didn't have enough crema, but it was a nice espresso nonetheless. Here are some machines and ways of brewing your own espresso.

1. Lui l'Espresso Regina This compact espresso machine is available in a bunch of metallic colors including white, bronze, red and gray. It functions with capsules and costs $166. (via Appliancist)

2. Caffitaly Nautilus This is a most distinctive-looking espresso machine. It also uses a capsule system, but the spout can be raised or lowered, allowing to brew different cup sizes. It costs about $240.

3. Gaggia For Illy This espresso machine has recently arrived in the US. It works exclusively with Illy espresso capsules. This machine is available for $300 from Importika.

4. French Press Every time we drank espresso with the Swiss Italian, we used a French press. The trick was to use fresh espresso beans and a grinder to get that extra kick. The beans needed to be ground extra fine in order to seep into the espresso brew.

5. Coffee Siphon As an alternative to the French press, you can also use a coffee siphon, which is simply a vacuum coffee maker. They are quite unusual, which one of the reasons why I bought one myself. The resulting espresso is quite rich and tasty, with less of a bitter taste than what comes from machines.

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