5 DIY Ideas for Lego Minifigure Storage

updated May 4, 2019
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With the introduction in recent years of the LEGO Mystery Minifigures series, the number of minifigs in our house has exploded. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, LEGO releases a series of unusual minifigures, like Bunny Suit Guy, Yeti, Welder, Diner Waitress, or Bagpiper. Bags in each series are available for only a short period (they are about to retire series 11), and the trick is that each bag is a mystery; that is, you won’t know what you’re getting until you open the bag. The little guys are highly collectible and super fun to play with. But what do you do with all those guys, and the other minifigures you have from LEGO sets?

I’ve rounded up 5 great DIY storage and display solutions for all your minifigure needs. With kids, you usually want to make sure that the minifigures are playable; you don’t want to store them behind glass or permanently attach them to anything. These 5 systems all use a vertical, shelf-style organization scheme, and they all leave the guys open to be pulled off and played with at any time.

1. Wooden Thimble Holder Display Case (seen on flickr). If you can find a vintage thimble holder or even a letterpress job case, it makes a great divided space to keep minifigures.
2. Individual Wall Shelves Minifigure Storage (on Jedi Craft Girl). Build your own custom shelves by cutting wood to size and attaching LEGO building boards to the tops. Your minifigures will attach to the LEGO surface with no danger of falling off.
3. Galvanized Steel Magnetic Shelves (on Naptime Notebook). I love this solution that requires a galvanized steel pegboard and shelves with magnets to attach to the board. The system is so cutomizable; you can add more shelves as needed, move them around, or take them down.
4. Framed Individual Mounts Display (seen on flickr). This beautiful, clean display requires a large frame (either pre-purchased or homemade) without the glass. Carefully layout a brick for each minifig, and they all have their own little homes.
5. Shadowbox Minifigure Case (on Finding Bonggamon). A slightly easier version of the framed display, here you simply use a pre-made shadow box, and add shelves and LEGO boards. The minifigures can hang out together on each level.

Do you or your kids have a ton of minifigures? How do you store or display them?