5 DIY Math Games for Summer Fun (and Learning!)

5 DIY Math Games for Summer Fun (and Learning!)

Beth Callaghan
May 29, 2014

Whether or not your kids like math, it's a good idea to keep those math facts fresh throughout the summer. And very few kids I know like to spend hours with flash cards or rattling off their times tables. These clever bloggers, though, created some great games that almost hide the fact that kids are practicing math. Read on for some simple ideas for math games you can make (and play!) at home.


1. Multiplication Touch, at Crafting a Green World. A cross between scrabble and a math fact grid, each player draws tiles with answers and has to fit them into the grid properly. The catch? You must place a tile adjacent to an exisiting tile; if you can't, you must draw another tile.

2. Bottle Cap Math Facts Race, at A Love for Teaching. It's depressing that all those water bottle caps aren't recyclable, so here's a great way to use them up. Each cap gets either a number or a math action (like a + or -), and they race to see how many math sentences they can come up with in a certain amount of time.

3. Lock and Key Math, at Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. Follow this tutorial to make math fact cards that kids can check on their own. They do the problem and then see if their key fits into the lock to discover whether they are correct.

4. Mental Math Popsicle Stick Game, at E! is for Explore. Dominoes + craft sticks + practicing math fluency = this game. Each craft stick has an answer and a problem. You start with one craft stick that has a mental math problem, like "10 more than 33." Find the answer on another craft stick, link them up, and then proceed to the question at the end of the second craft stick. Link them all up correctly to win!

5. Math War, at Lattes and Laughter. My kids have been playing war every morning when they get up. Make it a little more challenging by creating a deck of cards with math facts on them. You have to complete the problem to know who won the battle!

Do you have any fun math games you play at home? Let us know in the comments!

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