5 DIY Ways to Make Your Existing Artwork Look Way More Impressive

5 DIY Ways to Make Your Existing Artwork Look Way More Impressive

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 12, 2015
(Image credit: Dabney Frake)

Don't quite have the art collection of your dreams yet, but still love the art you do have? There are actually a number of things you can do to work with the existing art you have now to make it stand out more, pack a bigger visual punch and look way more impressive. It's all in the presentation...

Reframe it bigger

Have a small little piece of art you love, but wish was a little bigger? Folks sometimes forget that you can easily switch out a frame on a print or photograph — and find one that's a lot bigger than the one you started with. Expanding both the mat and frame size will increase the potency of the artwork within and take up more visual space on your wall. You can even consider adding a frame to a canvas to make it seem more substantial. And the best part is there are plenty of ways to save money on frames or even make one yourself:

(Image credit: Oliver Jeffers)

Add a little diy

Now, this isn't the sort of thing you might do to a piece you love and want to preserve; this is more of an idea for maybe a thrifted art piece you found and want to give a little more oomph to. The idea? Add your own DIY color or pattern to an existing art piece with paint.

Combine it with more art (or other design elements)

It's an idea that's timeless because of its effectiveness: When you want to make one piece of art seem more powerful and potent, simply combine it with more art or other design elements to create one large collage of style. While you can combine multiple elements of anything to create an impressive array, we think this idea is even MORE powerful when you combine it with similar types of artwork.

(Image credit: Bo Bedre)

Set it off by itself in a surprising spot

Have a piece of artwork you love that's just getting lost in your decor where it lives now? Rescue it from obscurity and give it a more prominent spot by setting it off by itself in a surprising location in the home (perhaps hung asymmetrically for even more oomph).

Use paint behind it to give it a bigger punch

Combine artwork with the power of paint behind it, either on a bold wall painted entirely in an enticing hue or by creating a painted shape behind the artwork. (Though the last suggestion would mean you'd have to do some repainting if you ever decided to relocate the piece). It might seem a bit permanent, but the match-up is always successful and you can control just how much paint combining you do.

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