5 Easy Gifts to Make for Pet-Owning Friends

Even if you don’t have any pets in your own home, it’s hard not to bring a surprise for the four-legged loved one that means so much to your friends and family. Instead of hitting up pricey boutiques, try getting your craft on and making something extra fabulous — for a whole lot less.

1. Sock Cat Nip Fish Toy: This is a perfect way to use up all those stray socks floating around your dresser, just stuff them up, tie off their little tails and you’re good to go. Package them with a few milk jug rings and you’ll be the hit of the party.

2. Menswear Mouse Toy: Even if you don’t sew, this is a super simple project that transforms thrift store clothes (or the dinosaur hanging in the back of your closet) into a fun little toy. Beginner sewers will have no problem taking on this project and just think about how many mice you can make from a whole sports coat!

3. Pet Portrait: Even though this gift won’t exactly bring any added joy into the life of your friend’s pet, it will bring great happiness to their owner. You can have oversized artwork printed for less than $50 and in combination with an on sale frame from a local craft store, you’ll be in business…and Fido will be lifesize!

4. Collapsible Dog Bowl: For pet owners on the move, collapsible bowls are fabulous things. Make a friend or family member a set and they’re bound to be elated as store bought versions can be ridiculously pricey and not near as convenient.

5. Glitter Painting: Made from any snapshot of their pet, this painting is done with glitter. Similar to a paint by number, this version just happens to be a bit more shiny. Because of it’s medium it’s rather forgiving, so don’t worry about being the worlds best artist and get to work!

Do you spend money on the pets of friends and loved ones? What do you usually budget in or are you more of the shopping on a whim type? Let us know in the comments below!