5 Folders To Clean Up Today

5 Folders To Clean Up Today

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 4, 2011

A new year means a fresh start (or a compulsive desire to stay organized). Why not start with today? Here's 5 folders we've identified on your PC or Mac that could use a little reorganizing for the new year. It may require a few hours of your time to do, but trust us, it'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when it's clear.

1. Downloads. You know what we're talking about here. It's that Chrome or Mozilla folder that loads anything and everything you click on while browsing the net. Jump in there with a sledgehammer and start throwing anything you don't need to the trash. This includes old program installs, useless images, and random ZIPs.

2. My Pictures. Unless you're a master of organization, this folder will almost always see the ugly side of your file structure. Start renaming some folders by date, group photos in a way that makes sense to you, and set up an easy workflow for the new year.

3. Fonts. This one goes out to the designer who loves to collect type faces. Surely, that free font pack you downloaded 2 years ago is starting to show some age, no? Having a huge selection of fonts is nice, but it also slows down your process having go rummage through all of them. Best create a backup folder somewhere and move the ones you rarely use. Your future design projects will thank you.

4. My Music. If you're anti-iTunes (like me), you're bound to run into the issue of having a huge folder of incoming music that simply sits there for months on end. I've been tempted to switch over to a folder-less system, but I've got too much time invested in my own folder organization system.

5. Desktop. This one might take some of us a awhile. But seriously? Is that an image from 2004? A Word 97' shortcut? We may look at our parents for committing some of these atrocities, but surely you know better. Get rid of those useless icons, files from way back when, and finally start appreciating that wallpaper you spent all those late nights choosing!

What folders are you cleaning up for the new year?

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