5 Fun LED Lighting Facts

5 Fun LED Lighting Facts

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 1, 2011

It looks as though the household lightbulb is going to war. CFLs vs LEDs - the victor we believe, is probably clear (they just need to drop the price a bit). But if you're gonna dive into new tech, you better know the lingo, right? Here's some facts that you might not have known about LED bulbs.

From CNET:

  1. They Run Cooler. Unlike its CFLs (or incandescent) counterparts, LED lightbulbs don't give off as much heat.
  2. Instant On, No Waiting Time. No more waiting around for several minutes, LEDs turn on instantly at full brightness.
  3. Oh, and No Bugs! Apparently, LED lightbulbs don't give off a certain UV wavelength that attracts the nighttime bugs.
  4. Weird Shapes to be Expected. If you haven't noticed, LEDs are shaped much differently than your standard CFL and thus have give manufacturers tons of creative room to experiment with shapes. We haven't found one that we've preferred over another, so it's all pretty much subjective at this point.
  5. They're Rated Differently Based on Color. We're all used to seeing 60-75 watt labels on our CFLs (and manufacturers have tried hard to keep this consistent as they start pushing more LED lightbulbs into their lines), but what you really need to consider is color temperature. Typical CFLs give off a yellowish tint or a "warmer" color. Many LEDs, however, provide a "cooler" palette option, giving more of a natural white light.

We're certainly stoked that LEDs are finally making a solid entry into the home tech front, but there's still plenty of questions left to be explored. What about you guys? Will you be buying into LED lightbulbs soon?

(Via Cnet)

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