5 Fun & Family-Friendly Boardgames for iPad

5 Fun & Family-Friendly Boardgames for iPad

Laura E. Hall
Jun 10, 2011

Boardgames are some of the best fun available, in whatever form they take. We've chosen five of our favorites that you can download from the Apple store, and they're suitable for families and multiplayer sessions. Check out our selections below, and share your own favs.

Carcassonne ($9.99)

Carcassonne is a tile-based boardgame for 2-5 players, and gameplay can last between 30 and 90 minutes. Players build up their own medieval fortifications by matching randomly-assigned tiles to pieces already on the board, then claiming areas with little figures called "meeples".

Halma ($.99)

Halma (actually Stern-Halma) is a 2-6 player game everyone will recognize, as it's more familiarly called Chinese checkers. Players jump marbles to try and reach the corner opposite their own starting position. Simple, quick and fun for everyone.

Recess 4 in a Row (free)

Players in this 2-4 person game try to "connect 4" in this game by dropping colored discs into a vertical grid, alternating by trying to score or to block their opponents from scoring. This app version has different levels of difficult vs. a computer AI, and has options for play and pass, BlueTooth or online play. It also comes with themes for pirates and zombies.

Blokus (free)

Blokus is a 2-4 player strategy game, with total gameplay taking about 30 minutes. Players take turn placing colored blocks on a 20x20 grid, trying to get as many on the board as possible, while also preventing opponents from connecting their own blocks. The iPad game has "suggestion spots" to show all possible moves for each player, which might annoy hardcore Blokus players, but it may make it easier for kids.

Keltis ($3.99)

Keltis is a game for 2-4 players with a maximum playing time of 30 minutes. Players receive numbered, colored cards and play them in ascending or descending order to try to move their pieces up five paths, to reach a certain scoring threshold. Recommended for kids 8 and up.

Is your favorite board game available for iPad? Have you tried out any of our favs? Share yours with other Unplggd readers in the comments.

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