5 Fun, Tiny DIY Details from House Tours

5 Fun, Tiny DIY Details from House Tours

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 17, 2012

There are the big DIY projects that define a home. The wall-tear-downs. The complicated projects you research for months, take twice as long to do and don't quite come out how you expected (for better or worse). But there are other types of DIY projects that can define home, too: the small, quick, DIY that become important details in a home.

Sometimes these small DIY projects are ones you've wanted to do for awhile and finally get to do it. These often produce magic because you've been dreaming of them and they're finally here and they're great. Or, other times, you have those tiny projects that happen quite spontaneously. Maybe you just happen across some reclaimed materials to whip something up.

Or you wake up one morning and decide to head over to the paint store and recreate that pattern you saw on a design blog the other day. Whatever your motivation, these smaller, DIY details prove that making things with your own hands for your home doesn't have to be a big, complicated ordeal, but it can be something that adds a tiny touch to your home that's yours and yours alone.

1) Alan's Colorful, Daring & Dramatic East Austin Home One could say Alan's whole house was a big DIY project, but we were drawn particularly to the OSB furniture he made with leftover materials from the house. Something to think about considering the wide availability of ready made table legs.

2) Greg & Deirdre's Guest House Completely in love with this simple-to-recreate, geometric pattern they painted on one wall. Instant art and interest easily.

3) Clare & Thierry's 1905 Echo Park Craftsman Can you spot the tiny DIY-able detail in the photo above? Why, it's a terrarium, of course! They may have hit their popularity stride a few years ago, but they'll always be cool to us, and a great customizable, DIY detail to add anywhere. Terrariums to try or DIY.

4) Emily's Rochester Merrypad While there are a lot of lovely things in this home, we couldn't help but notice the simple two-toned, color-blocking paint job done in the living room. Something anyone could do, and even in a day.

5) Heather's Charming Modern Farmhouse Brooklyn Loft Don't forget that a DIY detail doesn't have to be one that involves tools or paint; we love that Heather gathered some old boxes together to create an interesting shelf composition.

What are the tiny, unexpected DIY details around your own home?

(Images: Adrienne Breaux, Marcia Prentice, Emily Winters, Heather Chontos)

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