Gadgets You Should & Shouldn't Take When Traveling

Gadgets You Should & Shouldn't Take When Traveling

Range Govindan
Jul 20, 2010

It's nearing the end of July, but a lot of us are either traveling or readying ourselves to go traveling. When deciding what tech to take with you on vacation, you need to be sensible. Some things are necessary, while others can just be forgotten at home. Here is a list of what things we'd absolutely take with us, including some that we'd rather forget, but might have to take with us.

Needed But Non-Essential

While laptops and cellphones might seem essential, they can also be seen as electronic leashes. You always tend to check your email or your voicemail at the wrong moment. It's very liberating leaving these behind and not checking your email at all. The same applies to not being reachable by phone. When these distractions are absent, people relax a lot more.

1. Laptop

There are no two ways about it. Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. It's hard to go without them, even if you don't always have access to the Internet. While it's necessary for some travels, we still think that for some shorter vacations, laptops should be left at home.

2. Cellphone

It's true that you should never take your work phone with you on vacation, having a pay-as-you-go mobile is convenient for emergencies. If you're traveling internationally, it's another matter. Depending on what kind of work you do, if you know that you're covered during your vacation and you don't need to be reachable, it makes a lot of sense just leaving the phone at home.


If there's one gadget that I'd never leave behind, it's my DSLR. No matter how big or cumbersome it might get, I always lug it around when I go on trips, even if they are only day trips. In fact, for a year, I carried my DSLR everywhere I went to get used to the weight. Now, it just seems an afterthought to put it in my bag.

3. Camera

No matter if you're an amateur or a semi-professional, you should always take your camera with you. The bigger ones are harder to lug around, but the memories that you can capture with them outweigh the hassle.

4. Memory Cards

You can always back up your photos on a laptop, but I've found that carrying a few spare memory cards can save you problems in the long run. There's nothing easier than just swapping out a memory card for another instead of uploading photos to your computer. With the bigger ones, you can just carry a few and not fill them up on your travels.

5. Plenty of Chargers

We've forgotten chargers for our tech and it ended being a problem. It's a good idea to double check if you've packed all of the right chargers for your tech since they can be hard to find while you are traveling, although most hotels will offer some kind of solution, albeit at a price.

[all photos by Range, gallery photos: Hong Kong, Ayutthaya (Thailand), Taipei (Taiwan)]

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