5 Great iPhone Games for Non-Gamers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although we have nothing but love for our gamer brethren, some of us here at Unplggd wouldn’t consider ourselves “gamers” in any sense. We don’t own a PS3, Xbox 360, or any computer games. But what we do own is an iPhone which has quickly become one of the première mobile gaming devices. So we felt compelled to at least taste what these gaming apps have to offer. Our critera was fairly demanding. It had to be simple to control, easy to stop and start, cheap (because we don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a game we’ll rarely play), and entertaining (of course).

  • Angry Birds: Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have at least heard of this game. It has been the #1 Paid App in the US and UK along with quite a few other countries. Achieving that status is not an easy feat. Angry Birds is a very simple physics game utilizing cute characters and a hyper-simple storyline (which isn’t necessary to know for game-play). The game features level progression, star/point ranking system, and hidden bonuses to lull you into countless hours of game play. It also has beautiful graphics and is backed by a team dedicated to multiple updates to always keep it interesting.
  • Words with Friends: If you’re a wordsmith and social fiend this game is perfect for you! It features Scrabble-based game play and the ability to play your friends or strangers with integrated social networking features. The game uses push notifications so we’re able to play a round, leave the game, and return only after an alert tells us that the other player has responded. As an added bonus, if you’re a bit of a sneak/cheater, there are countless supplementary apps available to help you finagle your letter selection into a monster word.
  • Trainyard: If you crave a good puzzle game like we do, Trainyard will be right up your alley. The premise is simple: use as many train track as you want to navigate the train to its goal station. There are several ways to solve each puzzle yet each seems exceedingly more difficult than the one before it. Thankfully, there is an enormous database of support available to help if you’re impossibly stuck on a particular puzzle. Lastly, the “express” version of this game is free and provides hours of game play so you can try before you buy.
  • Tiny Wings: This up and coming game is giving Angry Birds a run for its money as its currently the #1 App in the US App Store. We’ve been avid Birdies (not sure if this is an official term for Angry Birds fans — you heard it here first!) but Tiny Wings has been demanding all of our attention since we picked it up. The game is all about momentum as you launch your tiny bird into the air overtop the hillside. There are multiple objectives for you to achieve so you can attain greater nests which further increase your score. Consequently, this game is great for getting competitive with friends as you constantly compare scores/nest levels. One of our favorite features in the game is its ability to change scenery colors as the day changes. Meaning, every 24 hours your game’s visuals are new and exciting. You can never get bored!
  • Labyrinth 2: Although this is the most expensive App of the bunch, we think the level of game play available is certainly worth it. This is the classic labyrinth game with a much-needed twist. There are all sorts of new obstacles and challenges as well as multiplayer options and the ability to create your own levels. This is an excellent game that utilizes the amazing gyroscope hardware in the iPhone 4.

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