5 Great Pest Repellent Solutions

5 Great Pest Repellent Solutions

Summer is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere and the critters are as plentiful as the heat waves. While we don't mind swatting the occasional fly now and again, it is the deluge of mosquitoes and cockroaches that have really gotten us more than a little bothered. We found some helpful non-electronic pest control tips thanks to our sister site, Re-Nest, but being the nerds that we are, we could not help but wonder about tech solutions for pest control. Here are some of our top 5 choices for pest repellent tech that we hope is at least half as effective as it claims to be.

  • Castro Mosquito Vaporizer: Available in four colors, this imported pest control gadget, uses "electronic vaporization to diffuse "Nomat," a chemical vapor that kills mosquitoes in the room and repels them outside".
  • Electric Fly Swatter: Inexpensive and widely available, this fly swatter allows you to stun flies with an easy zap.
  • Flea Trap: Uses a specific light wavelength to draw fleas nestled in pets, furniture, and rugs to it's plastic case. Once there, the buggers fall through the grid and onto a sticky mat within, where they meet their demise.
  • Solar Insect Zappers: These devices charge themselves all day and then turn on at dusk, at which point the UV light purportedly lures and then zaps mosquitoes and other insects with a 300-volt electric charge.
  • Electro-Gun:The Electro-Gun sends 90,000 volts of electricity into the woods in an infected home. Because wood is naturally resistant to electrical current flow, the Electro-Gun combines high voltage with high frequency. The Electro-Gun is used by exterminators and is a good alternative to pesticides.

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(Image: Flickr user Tetsumo under license from Creative Commons.)

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