5 Great Quirky Products That Need Your Support

5 Great Quirky Products That Need Your Support

Taryn Williford
Apr 18, 2011

Have you heard of Quirky? It's a social product development site that relies on the commitments of strangers to get inventions into production. They've already been the launch pad for a few amazing office designs, but here's five more great home & office products that need your help to get off the ground. By pledging to buy as an early adopter, you'll get the satisfaction of having it first and—the best part—you get a small cut of the product's profits.

Did you know that the Power Curl started on Quirky? How about Cordies? Or The Space Bar?

Budding (read: broke) inventors use Quirky as a launch pad to get their brilliant products out to the masses. If somebody comes up with a brilliant product, it'll get voted up, sold in a presale and—if enough people commit their dollars—produced and shipped out to its investors.

When you click on the "Commit Now" button you are saying that you will purchase the product if it gets made. Your credit card will not be charged until the product is ready to ship to you, and you can cancel your commitment at any time by clicking on the "Orders" tab under the "My Account" page. If you commit to a product in Pre-sales and then complete your order when the product is ready to ship, you will earn a small percentage of that product's profits in perpetuity.

Yep, this social research & development thing really works! So what's going to be the next big thing? We have a few ideas:

1. Plug Hub Desk Power Organizer
Price: $23.95
Commitments: 629/1200
An all-in-one desk cord solution, the Plug Hub conceals your super-long cords and keeps your power strip in line. Set it on the floor or mount it on the wall (It'd be perfect mounted behind an entertainment center).

2. Mantis Clip-On Task Lamp
Price: $26.99
Commitments: 176/1500
The Mantis lamp offers task lighting with a small footprint. Latch it on to your monitor or laptop, or stand it up with included mantis-like tripod legs.

3. Cable Collar Power Cable Organizer
Price: $6.99
Commitments: 297/3000
The Cable Collar works like those cord-wrapping face plates, but it's designed to fit on top of your existing face plates and be held in place by your plug, making them beyond easy to move around the house.

4. Cradle iPad Lap Desk
Price: $52.50
Commitments: 96/875
If you've ever dropped your iPad off the couch and on to the floor, this lap desk is for you. It grips your iPad to the surface, while still allowing you to rotate between landscape and portrait modes.

5. Perch Mobile Wireless Speaker
Price: $179.99
Commitments: 89/1600
Half-speaker and half-phone-dock, Perch is the perfect bedside standby. Use it in the morning to listen to music as you get ready, then lift up your fully-charged phone and wireless speaker to carry the tunes with you to the breakfast table or in the car.

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