Bad Habits To Break At Home

Bad Habits To Break At Home

Rebecca Orlov
Jun 26, 2009
No joke, this is how the credenza was left after popping in a dvd for us to watch. A little blurry from laughing.
Although it's been many years of living together, I still can't get over when Boy my boyfriend leaves every cabinet drawer known to man open. While it's now become some sort of comedy routine, I still don't quite get why closing the door is so hard? While he's been working on it (yea, it's getting better!), there are a bunch of habits people do at home that can be broken for good. Check them out after the jump.

Bad habit: Leaving drawers and cabinets open.

Solution: Slow down and take a look around. When you notice that drawers or cabinets are still open, close them. Simple. Easy.

Bad Habit: Not recycling.

Solution: Ok, Apartment Therapy readers, this is an easy habit to break. Get containers and label them properly and discard your trash in the right place. If your district does not pick up recycling (like my neighborhood) then learn where centers are located. They shouldn't be too far from your home. Once a week, take your recycling over to the center.

Bad Habit: Clutter.

Solution: Make a time schedule to clean up the mess. If you have a lot of clutter and it feels overwhelming, consider setting a timer to clean up the mess. 10 minutes a day dedicated to uncluttering your home will add up to a positive home life.

Bad Habit: Too much stuff.

Solution: Put your apartment on a diet! Sometimes stuff is, well, just stuff so look around and see what you really need. Get rid of things that just keep following you from apartment to apartment.

Ok, Apartment Therapy, what are your home-related bad habits and have you considered breaking them? Apparently it takes 28 days to really break a habit so go for it and good luck!

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