5 Habits To Steal from Yogis for a Happy Home

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

Whenever I enter my go-to yoga studio, I am at once calm in body and quiet in mind. So I began to take notice: What elements are there in the studio that I can implement at home? The studio is in a pretty ordinary building, so these tips are take-homes for anyone, anywhere:

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1. Shoes off at the door.

Once inside, this keeps things clean and make your footfall oh-so-quiet. I’ve even noticed that we use louder voices when shoes are still on, softer voices when shoes come off.

2. Consider the view.

There are actually two studios where I’ve practiced. One has only a clearstory because the studio faces a parking lot. But the clearstory provides a view of green treetops and blue skies. The other studio faces onto a small field where we’ve even spotted deer in the early morning sessions. Whatever your view, consider it and frame the best of it.

3. Hide the tech.

When music is played, we never see the source. A small audio device is hidden behind a shoji screen. Speakers are built into the walls. This keeps our focus on the practice and not distracted by the tech.

4. Outside in.

A green plant or two keeps things feeling fresh and promotes relaxation.

5. Au naturel.

Floors are unstained wood. Walls are white plaster. Furnishings are wood. Fabrics are unbleached, undyed.