5 Handy Numbers and Measures to Store in Your Phone

5 Handy Numbers and Measures to Store in Your Phone

Taryn Williford
Nov 17, 2010

#15189037 on the list of things your cell phone can do: Become your personal filing cabinet away from home. All of those measurements and model numbers you can never remember when you're out shopping? Take a second to jot them all in your phone's notes application. Here's a few ideas to get you started.

Here are the numbers we've decided to store in our phone. But if you have a great cell phone note reminder, tell us in the comments!

The Model Number of Your Printer Cartridge
You might not be looking to stock up on printer ink. But if you find an "oh-my-gosh-I-can't-miss-this-price" sale, you'll be glad you know for sure which cartridges to grab.

Air Filter Measurements
This is the first number we decided to store. A few seconds typing out our air filter measurements sure beats having to make several trips to the hardware store wondering if your central air fits a 12x25x1 filter or a 14x24x1 filter.

Your Credit Card Information
No, not all of it. But you should definitely make a note of the phone number that's printed on your credit card to report it lost or stolen, plus any additional info like the name on the card (if you've recently changed names) and the zip code it's associated with. Hide it all in a phony contact--like your Chase Bank credit card info under "Ken Chase."

Room Measurements
After searching for the perfect rug, you finally find "the one" hiding in a dusty thrift store. Lug that shag dream home in confidence knowing you've checked that it fits perfectly in the room. And before you start the hunt for any specifics—curtains or bar stools—make notes of your window and bar measurements, too.

Types of Lightbulbs
This one's easy if all you ever buy are standard bulbs. But if you have to replace outdoor flood lights, car headlights or any other kind of bulb, you might save some time by jotting down the model numbers for each in your cell phone.

(Inside image: Flickr user Jamison Wieser under license from Creative Commons)

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