5 Hardy, Nearly Unkillable Plants

5 Hardy, Nearly Unkillable Plants

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 30, 2010

It's around this time of year we always get a little jealous of everyone's outdoor spaces, full of lush green plants and veggies. We're plant killers, through and through, and are always on the lookout for advice on how to grow anything. We called a popular nursery in Austin and asked them for their five hardiest plant species that can withstand heat and black thumbs.

Jill LaVigne of Austin's The Great Outdoors Nursery is who we called when we wanted a good list of plants that are nearly unkillable (by lack of maintenance, of course). Though tons of factors go into what makes a plant hardy, we asked specifically about plants that are good with high heat and little water, and plants that are immune to people who are really good at killing plants.

Her first suggestion was actually to check out a website called Grow Green, where you can download a free and comprehensive Native and Adapted Plant Guide (this one is for Austinites and Texans).

Next, she listed off her favorite hardy plants:

1) Lantana Comes in lots of colors and in lots of height varieties
2) Salvia Greggii A great evergreen with a fun texture
3) Shrimp Plant This one does pretty well in the shade
4) Echinacea A bold flower
5) Rosemary, Oregano and other herbs Tasty with great scents

Jill did admit that any plant will need extra care in the first year or so of its life, but after these plants make a home in your yard you can expect them to live pretty well in most conditions. Of course, Jill advises readers to check out lists of native plants available for your area to know where to start. She also said to take notice of older homes in your neighborhood with plants that have been there awhile—chances are those are hardy plants that do well right where you live!

Looking for hearty indoor plant suggestions? We have them. What plants have you seen stick it out summer after summer?

(Photos: Flickr member John Tann, Wikipedia user Stan Shebs, Flickr member ahisgett, Echinacea and Flickr member miheco. Flickr photos licensed for use under Creative Commons License)

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