5 Home Cleaning Projects Your Kids Can Help Out With

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

9 times out of 10 getting your kids to help out with chores can be a real drag, but when you change things up a bit suddenly it’s a whole new game. Try out one of these five clever ways to get your kids cleaning without having to hear, “But I dooonnn’t waaaanna!”

1. Dusting With Baking Soda: Although this is probably for slightly older kids, let them go through your home with a large box of baking soda (or place it in a shaker container like this one) and dust anything that’s fabric. Carpet, beds, even in the dirty clothes basket. Next up, send them packing with the vacuum cleaner to suck it all up. Things will be refreshed and they’ll feel like they did a little damage first. Here’s a few other things to put it to use on.

2. Use Toothpaste To Clean Shoes: As summer shoes start to emerge from the closet, let them take an old toothbrush and some toothpaste and set to work scrubbing their own stains out. It’s new, it’s fun and it works!

3. Clean Bathroom Fixtures With Foil: There’s no denying the attraction between kids and shiny things. Their fingers are the perfect size to wrap with foil and buff your bathroom fixtures clean. It shines them right up and you won’t be the one cleaning off all the toothpaste spit this time!

4. Clean Your Remote Controls With An Eraser: There aren’t many kids who don’t love television and all the accessories that go along with it. Can’t figure out how to turn on the tv? Just ask your kids, they know! Set them to work cleaning all the sticky cheesy poof prints with a simple eraser. They can also clean scuff marks off your vinyl flooring with the same tricks!

5. Clean Your Bathtub With A Grapefruit & Salt: Cleaning the bathroom is never a fun chore until you’re cleaning things with your breakfast! Give the kids a grapefruit and some salt and let them go to town before or after their nightly bath. It really is as simple as that!

(Images: 1. Sarah Rae Trover, 2. Flickr member Biscarotte licensed for use by Creative Commons, 3. Flickr member Barkdog licensed for use by Creative Commons, 4. Jordan Crane, 5. Sarah Rae Trover)