5 Home Office Ideas to Steal from the Shakers

When we’re looking for economical, space-saving ideas, the Shakers are always a good bet. Even today, their clean-lined furniture and smart approach to storage offer a good jumping off point if you’re trying to streamline your home office.

  • 1) Use the wall. The Shakers were famous for using space-saving, wall-mounted designs like the folding desk shown above. For a modern version, check out Apartment Therapy’s list of the best wall-mounted office solutions.
  • 2) Hang a spare chair. If you need an extra chair on hand, but don’t have the space for it, consider hanging it up. We’ve seen this idea used in modern and traditional homes alike.
  • 3) Embrace built-ins. Nestled inside walls and alcoves, built-ins provide significant storage space without a large footprint. If you haven’t been blessed with built-ins in your home, you can fake the look by installing wall-mounted shelves in an alcove.
  • 4) Add color. The Shakers often used bright yellow or blue to paint their windowsills and wood trim. It lifts the mood of a room and draws attention to the view outside the window.
  • 5) Go vertical. If you’re short on storage, use high shelves to add extra space, and keep a step-ladder on hand to reach your stuff.

Photos of Hancock Village: Sarah Coffey