5 Home Offices Sporting Fresh Flowers

5 Home Offices Sporting Fresh Flowers

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 14, 2010

Over at Apartment Therapy, the Spring Home Cure is happening and we take a few moments to stress the importance of real, fresh flowers in your spaces each week. Although they usually end up on the kitchen counter or your dining room table, the home office is an excellent and often forgot about option. In a space of sleek, cool computers, a little life is always nice!

Do you have flowers in your home office or are you too paranoid about knocking over the vase onto your laptop? It's a great look and really makes the environment a healthier and happier place to be. Check out some of our favorite finds below:

1. Rego - twitter.com/w3bdesign: not only gets a nod for the longest Flickr name ever, but also for having a most beautiful work space. Even though the flowers are partially out of shot, it's easy to see the subtle beauty they bring to this video editing station.

2. Kelly_Sue: has some great pink flowers happening in this uber-pink office. When in Rome...

3. 1HappySnapper(photography): has a full space, but the flowers are a refreshing break in a space where so much work happens!

4. Wonderlane: might not have any flowers sitting on the desk, but with such close exposure to so many beautiful ones outside, we'll make an exception. What a great space to get work done in, that is if you can keep from staring out the window!

5. bettyx138: has a great partner desk set up and though it's in the office at work, we still think it's a great example none the less. Flowers don't have to mean big bulky things that will get in the way, this tall slender orchid is just the right amount of flower power for this space!

(Images: Flickr members as linked above, licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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